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Percept Nexus

Percept Nexus

by Alpha Nexus Technologies LLC

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Percept Nexus makes use of advanced cognitive detection to find percepts in text. Guided by state-of-the-art principles, Percept Nexus includes technologies aimed to improve your life.

- Find the strongest 5 percepts (if any)
- Process 300 Characters at a time
- Recognize 1000 percepts

This technology processes and analyzes textual information like a short post or parts of a conversation. Textual cognitive recognition is simple with Percept Nexus.

Percept Nexus helps:
- Improve cognition and social intelligence
- Identify percepts in short messages
- Gain another opinion/view on cognition

A sociological and cognitive concept called a percept describes a process of constructing mental models. Text has hints about its social and cognitive qualities. Percept Nexus discovers percepts based on cognitive hints in text. Percept Nexus is a tool which uses natural language processing, sociological computing, and cognitive computing techniques.

Types of text Percept Nexus analyzes include:
- Text Messages
- Social Media Posts
- Short poems, songs, lyrics, and stories
- Conversation snippets
- And more!

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