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11 Oct 2020 App Of The Day


by PetKonnect

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Petkonnect is a pet services community providing pet care, pet licensing & more.

Pet Konnect is a comprehensive pet-services’ community for pets as well as stray animals. Built on a philosophy of love for all animals, including strays, PetKonnect champions equal rights and social inclusion of all animals. PetKonnect aims to connect with all things pet and animal related under one roof as one large pet community of animal lovers.

Pet Konnect seeks to build an ethos of a strong community that cares and connects, while positively impacting the life of the stray animals, pet parents, animal owners and service providers in the sector by acting as a nodal network point. Pet Konnect strongly supports the "adopt, dont shop" approach toward potential pet parents.

Pet Konnect is a platform that connects service providers and pet parents. We provide services such as pet care, pet licensing, animal walkers, animal groomers, animal doctors, animal emergency services, social media for pets, articles about animals, animal photographers, animal trainers, pet lodging and boarding, animal bloodline & much more.
See below for a description of the various services.
Services offered:
    Social Petwork: A social media platform for pets. This service enables users to identify pets around them through their geo-tagged locations. By creating a pet profile, users can add, communicate and make pet friends. The service enables them to share photos, make plans and play dates with other pets.
    My Pets: An in-app pet management system, this service allows pet owners to create a pet profile for complete health-care management. Not only can users store their pets’ medical records and online prescriptions, but also receive vaccination recommendations and reminders, and also register their pets with government authorities as recommended. The entire medical history of the animal can be made available at any instance for review by a vet. Reports such as blood reports, x rays, etc can all be uploaded to the medical profile section and shown to any doctor, on demand. This section also provides an option for getting the required license from the mandated government body.
    Emergency: This section connects to a variety of emergency services for stray animals. Users will now be able to tap into PetKonnect’s extensive NGO partnerships that provide on-the-spot treatment to stray animals as well as ambulance taxis run by various agencies for intra and inter-city commutes. PetKonnect also allows users to request blood during emergencies through its user bloodline service which connects pet parents with potential blood donors for their pets. PetKonnect platform allows users to connect to nearby animal ambulances to help stray animals who are injured, in distress, need medical attention, involved in an accident or any other medical emergency. Vet on call is an emergency like 24 x 7 service which offers a phone consultation with a qualified doctor in case of an emergency.  
    Pet Care: This section brings service providers and service seekers onto one platform. Users can enjoy easy access to all pet service providers like pet trainers, pet walkers, pet lodgers and boarders, vets and pet groomers. This brings a wide variety of pet care providers under a single roof.
    Pet Affairs: This section serves as a knowledge center for PetKonnect. Users are given access to the most up-to-date content including informative articles, training tips, health tips, food tips, relevant laws, events and much more. Users will also be able to share their own personal stories and learnings in this section.
to name a few.

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