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06 Jul 2018 App Of The Day


by Claude Gherasim

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  • Phantom.me
  • Phantom.me

Phantom.me is a true mobile privacy solution. It allows you to protect your privacy with military-grade encrypted chat, browsing & storage.

Main features:

- No icon app. No one will ever know you have Phantom.me app, because it has no icon. Access the app using your phone dialer by entering your 6-15 digit access password.

- Browsing. What happens in Phantom.me stays in Phantom.me. Phantom.me app browser is protected by VPN/proxy, cannot be traced, logged or detected, fully incognito, no cookies. No one can ever see your browsing history.

- Chatting. Phantom.me app chat is fully encrypted on both ends, and protected by both a private and public key. Photos and files sent via chat can be viewed by the recipient only. Chat and files sent cannot be forwarded nor make a screenshot of them. For complete anonymity, chat using a nickname only.

- Storage & Camera. Each photo, video, and file stored in Phantom.me app is encrypted using an AEW-256 military-grade encryption and a unique key. It cannot be viewed by anyone but you. Keep your files encrypted using the non-existing storage on your device, or on your cloud.

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