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Photo & Video Locker - Free

28 Oct 2017 App Of The Day

Photo & Video Locker - Free

by MobitSolutions

  • Photo & Video Locker - Free
  • Photo & Video Locker - Free
  • Photo & Video Locker - Free
  • Photo & Video Locker - Free
  • Photo & Video Locker - Free

Photo & Video Locker is the only app you will need to hide pictures and videos on your Android device. Everyone nowadays is concerned about the security and privacy of their photos and videos. Sometimes you need to hide photos on your phone from other people by installing photo and video locker app. Secure your private photos by using photo video locker app. Now it’s difficult any more to secure your private videos and photos from snoopers. Install hide photo video app lock in your phone then no one has access to your gallery locker without your permission.
Photo & Video Locker protects your personal photos and videos and prevents them from having access in your private gallery. With a PIN based, access no one else who uses your device can accidentally see your private photos and videos. Photo hide app is the easiest and safest way to protect the image and secure photo gallery. A Secure photo album by simply using this hidden photos app. Video locker protects your private videos. No more annoying moments as no one else sees your private photos and videos
Photo and video locker is the best option for protecting your personal media entirely from snoopers. Photo hiding application enables you to hide photos from snoopers. Your secret videos and photos will be safe because they will be hidden from other images and videos. Keep inappropriate media away from everyone with photo and hide video app. 
Photo and video locker is an application to hide pictures and encrypt your videos that you do not want others to see. Make life easier and have peace of mind with video locker app. 
• Keep pictures out of gallery
• Secure your pictures and videos
• Intuitive interface for a great experience
• Easily hide any photo from gallery or from the app.
• No limits for photo and video lock
• Password recovery option

Note: While un-locking image or video we don’t put that image or video back to gallery so it is placed inside your SD card or memory and we show the path while un locking it. By using photo and video hide app android you will protect your all photos and videos.

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