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PixelLab Drip & Text on Photo

04 Jan 2024 App Of The Day

PixelLab Drip & Text on Photo

by J&S Infotech

  • PixelLab Drip & Text on Photo
  • PixelLab Drip & Text on Photo
  • PixelLab Drip & Text on Photo
  • PixelLab Drip & Text on Photo
  • PixelLab Drip & Text on Photo
  • PixelLab Drip & Text on Photo
  • PixelLab Drip & Text on Photo

This PixelLab: Drip & Text on Photo will blow up over social media feeds worldwide with its extravagant filters and aesthetic picture effects.

Being one of the most photo editing and drip design apps, it contributes crucially to creating and designing beautiful photos, professional designs, and stunning collage art with just a few clicks. Get ready to discover endless creativity!

• Easily transform your images into paintings and art with different color themes and palette
• Choose quotes or write festival or blessing messages on your images with unique font size and style
• Give an embossed impact to your photos by customizing text effects with spacing, color, shadows and languages
• Crop out pictures like a pro with handy crop and eraser tools and give a professional touch by choosing the best and most trending filters.

If you are new to this application and want to design images for social media, you can download this now. Importantly, you can save your photo in HD quality with good resolution to avoid pixels while posting.

Some of the powerful features at PixelLab: Drip & Text on Photo App

- Background Eraser :
Erase background with AI—no need to manually background eraser. Select the picture from your gallery and choose the background eraser tool. Download or save or continue with the picture for further filters and effects. You can also add a new background to your image.

- Collage Maker :
Choose images from your phone and prepare multiple collages of your choice. This Collage Maker app offers premium-like, high-quality, and splendid collage templates to give your feed a chic effect.

- Drip :
This Photo Editor Dripping feature is winning the social platforms and audiences. Select the picture and choose the drip tool with a splash of colors and saturated effects now.

- Text customization :
Click on the text and add it anywhere on your picture. Choose the font, spacing, color, and shadow as per the picture. You can also add quotes in different vernacular languages.

- Neon Spiral Magic:
Add mesmerizing neon spiral effects to your photos with just a few taps. Choose from a wide range of spiral patterns and customize them.

- Stickers :
Make your photo interactive with stickers, text art, and tattoos. Use this feature mostly for creating hilarious reels and memes.

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