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Plantora- Plant Identify, Care

13 Aug 2023 App Of The Day

Plantora- Plant Identify, Care

by Bytesview Analytics Pvt Ltd

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  • Plantora- Plant Identify, Care
  • Plantora- Plant Identify, Care
  • Plantora- Plant Identify, Care
  • Plantora- Plant Identify, Care
  • Plantora- Plant Identify, Care
  • Plantora- Plant Identify, Care
  • Plantora- Plant Identify, Care
  • Plantora- Plant Identify, Care

Need help to take care of your greens? Plantora is a free plant care app that provides a one-stop solution for all the problems you face with your plants and you can get the solution to your problems in just a few clicks with features like -

◉ Free Plant identification
◉ Plant care guides
◉ Symptom checker
◉ Disease diagnosis
◉ Personalized reminders
◉ Various calculators
◉ Ask Expert

Plantora uses state-of-the-art technology to easily identify any plant species with high accuracy and speed. With Plantora’s plant identifier, you can also identify any plant disease or symptoms of diseases.

Plantora is capable to recognize over 10,000 plants with up to 95% accuracy, a name search to find species easily by entering their names, with a simple and beautiful interface. And the database of the plant identifier is getting bigger and stronger every day.

Why Should You Use Plantora?
Plantora is a free-to-use app that will provide you with detailed information about the plant, including its common and scientific names and its care guide, which includes information on light, water, fertilizer requirements, and much more. Use the plant identifier to know about any plant species. Here are the key features that our app provides -

🍃 Plant Identification with Plantora -

With Plantora, you can easily identify plants for free with just a tap of your finger. Simply focus your camera on the object of your interest and snap a picture. You'll get a description of every plant, and can even add the plant to your "My Plants" list and set care reminders. Our app also includes a plant disease identifier that can help diagnose a plant based on symptoms. The plant identification of Plantora works flawlessly and provides trustworthy results. The app provides free and unlimited identifications.

🍃 Disease Diagnosis -

Want to know what is wrong with your plant? Use our plant identifier to identify any disease that bothers your plant and learn ways to treat your plant.
Identify symptoms and get customized solutions for the speedy recovery of your plant. With Planotra’s plant identification feature, you can identify any suspected diseases on your plant and get a reliable solution for better plant care.

🍃 Symptom Checker

With the Plantora - plant identifier, you can find out any problems such - as deficiencies and diseases of your plant, and receive appropriate solutions to take better care of your plant.

Tell us the symptoms or problems you face with your plants, our algorithm directs you to the issue you are facing with your plants. Get information about the root cause of the problem and also its possible treatment.

🍃 Set Reminders

With Plantora you can set personalized reminders and schedules for your plants care without interfering with your lifestyle. With this feature, you can add any plant to the “my plant” section and keep track of its various needs.

🍃 Plant Care Guide

Having problems taking care of your plant? Let us provide you with effective plant care guides to prevent your plants from suffering. Learn the right watering, sunlight, soil, and fertilizer requirements that help to keep your plant healthy. With Plantora you can easily get the right descriptions about the plant care and needs.

🍃 Plant Calculators

Our calculations are based on the plant's needs and it helps users to take the right amount of care and attention to thrive -

◉ Water calculator- Calculate the water needs of the plant.
◉ Sunlight calculator- Calculate the sunlight needs of the plant.
◉ Soil calculator- Calculate the soil needs of the plant.
◉ Pot size calculator- Calculate the pot size of the plant.
◉ Lux meter- Calculate the light percentage for your plants.
◉ Fertilizer calculator- Calculate the amount of fertilizer needed for your plants.

Get Plantora - a plant identifier and care app to become an expert in taking care of your garden.

➡ Install The Plantora App And Get Access To All The App’s Features For Free.

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