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Pocket Cigarette Lighter

Pocket Cigarette Lighter

by Emma Joy

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  • Pocket Cigarette Lighter
  • Pocket Cigarette Lighter

Pocket Cigarette Lighter displays a virtual lighter on your device screen. Use your finger to flip the lighter open, and then touch the flint wheel to create a flame. As you tilt your phone, the flame follows your movements. 
Get a virtual cigarette lighter in your pocket. Blow out the candles with this amazing pocket lighter free app. Candle flash light facilitates you with flickering light in a dark room. It is ideal for romantic candle light dinner. 
Remember the days before cell phones, when music fans held lighters above their heads at concerts? Stop burning yourself at concerts; just wave your virtual lighter. It is ideal for concerts and produces a flame of light. So, use the concert light by simply using this app. Smoke cigarette with this amazing cigarette lighter. It produces a virtual smoke that will not harm your health. Download now!
Create Customized Zippo
Make your customized zippo with the help of some amazing items e.g. ghosts, tattoos, birds, skulls, flags, images and much more. Add scary ghosts on zippo to threaten someone. Edit your virtual zippo lighter with stunning tattoos. Show some patriotism and add your country flag on cigarette lighter. Wish your loved ones a happy birthday by adding cake on zippo lighter. Select image either from gallery or camera and add them on zippo. Put gorgeous diamond on zippo and share with your loved ones. Edit your zippo with a variety of beautiful birds. Share your own customized zippo with your friends.

• Amazing virtual lighter
• Awesome graphics
• Realistic flame
• Ideal for concerts
• A wide variety of themes with slick designs
• Flame sensitive to motion and touch
• Sounds like the real lighter

How to use:
• Flip your finger to open the cover
• Tilt your phone to see flame movements

Safety Note:
This is not a real lighter and the app has been provided just for fun; however, please do not let your children play with this application.

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