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POGO91 - Invoice/Billing, Stock, Online Store, Payment, GST

26 May 2020 App Of The Day

POGO91 - Invoice/Billing, Stock, Online Store, Payment, GST

by pogo91

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  • POGO91 - Invoice/Billing, Stock, Online Store, Payment, GST
  • POGO91 - Invoice/Billing, Stock, Online Store, Payment, GST
  • POGO91 - Invoice/Billing, Stock, Online Store, Payment, GST
  • POGO91 - Invoice/Billing, Stock, Online Store, Payment, GST
  • POGO91 - Invoice/Billing, Stock, Online Store, Payment, GST
  • POGO91 - Invoice/Billing, Stock, Online Store, Payment, GST

POGO91 is a new age mobile-first point of sale software that is more than just a point of sales.

Visit our YouTube channel to see how POGO91 works:

It is designed for all types of businesses. POGO91 is so easy to use that will not only make billing easy and faster but also helps in creating customer loyalty.

The app is the right fit for 
Salons, Restaurants and Food trucks, 
Departmental/Grocery/Kirana Stores, Fruits & Vegetable Stores, Medical Shops, Coffee Shops, Cake & Bakery Shops, Mobile and Electronics Shops, 
Fashion Stores, Furniture Stores, Sports Centres, 
Dry Cleaners, Optical Stores, Sweet Shops, and many more.

Features of POGO91 Smart POS Billing App

Easy Billing App: Create invoices/bills in a few seconds and share them on WhatsApp, SMS, Email, or Print them with your logo. With dedicated barcode mode, a shopkeeper can use any external barcode for billing. The camera mode allows a shopkeeper to scan a barcode using the phone camera during billing.

Tablet Mode for Restaurants and food trucks: Now with POGO91 Smart Billing App restaurants can cater to customers within the restaurants as well. Restaurants owners can add tables and server customers with eWaiter and Kitech capabilities.

Stock Management: The stock/inventory management allows a merchant to maintain the stock. The merchant can have complete visibility on the stock movement with the POGO91 Smart POS app.

Suppliers: A merchant can add suppliers easily and then manage what he buys from the supplier as well as get the complete visibility on what merchant has purchased in the past from the supplier.

Purchase Order: The merchant can create a purchase order in seconds and share the purchase order with the supplier on WhatsApp, SMS, or Email. The supplier can then supply the items as per the merchant's request.

Online Store Front: Any shopkeeper i.e. Kirana Store, Chemist, Restaurant, Food Truck can launch their own eCommerce storefront (website) in less than a few mins and share it with customers for Home Delivery and Store Pickup as an option. The shopkeeper doesn't need any other app to manage the online store. The shopkeeper can define the minimum order for delivery, the delivery radius, and much more with-in the POGO91 Smart POS billing app.

Send Promotions: POGO91 Smart Billing App allows a merchant to send promotional messages to customers. Merchant can choose from a different template and different audience and can send personalized offers to the customers.

GST Complaint: All your bills/invoices are GST Complaint. Simply add your GST number while registering. 

Reports: Instantly know what is happening in your business. Get ready insights about your daily sales, current stock, regular customers, digital payments, and more. You can also configure all the reports alters so that you don't miss anything. 

Accept Digital Payments with POGO91 Smart Billing App. The app comes with many types of payment vendor integrations. If you are a Mswipe user you can simply use your account in POGO91 Smart Billing App. You can also use UPI QR Code to accept payment or send a payment link to customers for receiving payments.

Secure: All sensitive and personal information data is encrypted and transferred over a secure layer. 

Always available when you need: The application is intelligent enough. As per the internet connectivity, it changes the mode online and offline by itself.

Take your business to the next level with POGO91 Smart Billing App.

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