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Proof Cam For Evidence Stamps

24 Jul 2022 App Of The Day

Proof Cam For Evidence Stamps

by Susamp Apps

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  • Proof Cam For Evidence Stamps
  • Proof Cam For Evidence Stamps
  • Proof Cam For Evidence Stamps
  • Proof Cam For Evidence Stamps
  • Proof Cam For Evidence Stamps
  • Proof Cam For Evidence Stamps
  • Proof Cam For Evidence Stamps
  • Proof Cam For Evidence Stamps

Proof Cam for Evidence stamps is an app particularly developed for collecting essential evidence with complete details such as current date and time, exact location address, GPS coordinates, and important notes.

Evidence is important in our everyday life. In many cases, especially in police and courts, you need evidence to prove your point. Whether you succeed will depend on how good the evidence is. Also, evidence should be relevant and reliable. If you want to deal with a serious problem successfully.

Considering all the factors and essential points for gathering trustworthy evidence, we develop Proof Cam for Evidence stamps. The proof cam allows you to capture photos while the event is taking place and simultaneously add necessary information like the exact date and time, current GPS location, latitude longitude, logo, and essential notes that you want to add.

Interesting Features of Proof Cam for Evidence stamps:

~ Get all essential information on photos and videos to assemble proof that helps you to prove your cause of action
~ Add the current date time and gps address of current location on photos and videos to know when and where the incident occurred
~ Write important notes or text that you want to add for making trustable evidence
~ Stap other GPS information: latitude longitude and altitude on camera pictures
~ Timestamp photos and videos
~ Different stamp setting to collect concrete evidence
~ Customizable stamps to add information that you want a stamp on photos
~ Various camera setting to capture clear pictures
~ Set custom file name for your need

Who can use this Proof Cam App?


Yes, we design this proof camera app in such a way that everyone can use it to obtain evidence in form of photos and videos

Insurance Claim

Photographs taken at the scene of an accident can be quite useful in proving your insurance claim. Details like current date-time, exact location address, and important notes can play a crucial role in your insurance claim


This evidence camera app is very useful for businesses like e-commerce, food delivery, logistics, or any delivery business. Photo proofs with all necessary stamps on them help them to successfully handle customer disputes or businesses that are legitimate and trustworthy

For Legal Purposes

When you use photos and videos as evidence in legal proceedings, it requires two basic things: relevance and authenticity. With proof cam, you can get a clear picture with all information that can fulfill both the requirements and you get the most credible evidence to prove a point, especially in a court of law

Construction Companies

Making daily photo documentation of job sites with exact date and time not only help companies to track work progress but also assist in litigation. Photos or videos containing date time and location can be concrete evidence at the time of dispute or litigation

Government agencies and organizations

Government agencies are working day and night to build a brighter future. Also, it is necessary to build public trust. Proof cam helps the agencies to let people know where, when, and why the government working for particular purposes with pictures


People can use this evidence camera app to protect themselves from being deceived. People can also use this app in areas like medical, events, education, and research work. Adding a timestamp to videos and photos with location stamps and notes provides them a piece of credible evidence for their work

Information that you can add to photos and videos
– GPS location address
– Latitude Longitude and altitude
– Day and date timestamp
– Company name and logo
– Project name
– Importance note

Download the Proof Cam for Evidence stamps app today and start to gather evidence and improve the chance of your success.

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