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Qibla direction with Salah Timings

Qibla direction with Salah Timings

by Asghar Adeem

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  • Qibla direction with Salah Timings
  • Qibla direction with Salah Timings
  • Qibla direction with Salah Timings
  • Qibla direction with Salah Timings

Qibla compass and kibble compass is the best Android app to locate Qibla direction world wide. Find qibla direction from my location will help you to find kaaba locationeasily. Muslims around the globe can locate qibla and mecca directionthrough this easily designed qiblah app.

All the best features of online kible will help the user to find qibla direction and to locate qibla direction quite easily with the help of qibla compass. This qibla app not only offers qibla location but also help the muslims in finding salah directions. Salat timings is a must feature which all users are looking towards once they are abroad including accurate qibla direction.

This lite accurate qibla direction app with salat timings will help you to locate qibla and mecca direction in easy possible way. Now find qibla direction anywhere and anytime with salah timings. Namaz timings is a plus thing for the muslim users to find kaabah direction. Qibla compass helps you in finding the accurate kaba location. Salah timings helps you to find namaz timigs for all the prayers. Qibla locator is free to download qibla direction online with salat timings. Find qibla with this useful qibla android app and find accurate salah timings along it.

Muslim prayer times feature is enabled by default which is provided to the user once the user select his/her location to find qibla direction from my location. There are a lot of qibla android apps but this qibla app is best for android as it provided the accurate qibla location and qibla direction for all the Muslims around the globe by finding and searching for exact salah time.

• تحديد القبلة
• تجد اتجاه مكة المكرمة
• موقع الكعبة مع صلاة الوقت
• البوصلة القبلة مع توقيت صلاح

If you are in search for prayer direction, then download this lite qibla app now. Kaaba compass will help you to locate mecca direction online with ease and will provide salat timings.

Qibla direction compass has the following unique features:

• Find qibla direction easily 
• Locate kaaba direction from my place with free country search facility
• Find accurate salah timings for all the countries around the globe
• Best combination of qibla locator and salah timings android app

Qibla direction and prayer time is low on MBs hence anyone can download this app easily. Download this free qibla location and qibla compass app and find accurate qibla direction from your place with salah timings.

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