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25 May 2019 App Of The Day


by Mobiman

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Have fun challenging your friends in the newest, hottest question game: QuestionU!


QuestionU is simple. You send questions to your friends and they have to answer them within a time limit. If the questions are answered correctly your friends unlock their reward - a hidden video or photo! But if your friends answer incorrectly, their reward will be lost forever!


Your friends receive points for questions answered correctly and you’ll be able to track them all on your Leaderboard. So make sure your questions are creative and ASK AWAY!


Don’t forget to help celebrate your friends who answer your questions correctly with a custom victory dance!


Key Features:

- Play with your friends

- Share videos and photos

- Custom Questions

- Profile Page

- Victory Dance

- Earn Points

- Leaderboard

- Chat with your friends


What are you waiting for? Grab your friends and ask away!


Visit www.questionu.io for more information.

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