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Read Quran Offline - AlQuran Kareem

06 Sep 2021 App Of The Day

Read Quran Offline - AlQuran Kareem

by zamenplay

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  • Read Quran Offline - AlQuran Kareem
  • Read Quran Offline - AlQuran Kareem
  • Read Quran Offline - AlQuran Kareem
  • Read Quran Offline - AlQuran Kareem
  • Read Quran Offline - AlQuran Kareem

Quran for Muslims to Recite Holy Quran with actual experience, feels just like an actual Quran Book in your hand. Read & Learn the Holy Quran Kareem. Holy Quran القرآن الكريم has an elegant style, Don't bother yourself by scrolling up and down; now easily recite as actual Color printed Quran page by page. This Koran app is best companion for you anywhere, During Travel, or if you are in Masjid after say pray (Namaz) you can read Quran in you android device.
Enhance your recitation and spiritual experience with the real feel of actual printed Quran anytime anywhere. Holy Quran has a real page turning effect, elegant style, and smooth Nastaliq font. Al Quran Free - القرآن الكريم is a genuine Islamic application to create flow in your worship time. All Muslims Quran Shareef is a free Holy Quran reading pro for a good day starts, atonement of sins and attainment of blessing. Keep your AL Quran app prior at your screen home to approach at first when you really want to recite Quran Majeed. Holy Quran android free app allow you to recite quran offline.
Easy Navigation
Open any Surah directly from index. It has all 30 chapters and 114 surahs, Resume option will take you to the page where you left reading last time. With go-to page number option you can jump to a page instantly.

Save your favorite surah or page with unlimited bookmarks. While reading just tap the bookmark icon in quick toolbar to save the current page. New bookmarks can also be added from bookmarks menu by pressing Star button.
Off network reading
With this quran kareem app you read quran majeed without internet and special feature Kids learning with audio translation its totally free & offline. Holy Quran Offline is a portable holy book of God. In this quran you can read noorani qaida offline with audio free.
Easy Sharing
Be a part in spreading the Holy Book of Allah and help others to gather its blessings. Share it with friends and family via Sms, Email, Bluetooth, Facebook, Whatsapp and other sharing options.

Key Features:
● Beautiful Color Quran For Read like Actual Quran Book
● Teach Child with Tajweedi Noorani Audio Qaida
● Noorani Qaida with clear and loud audio
● Read Quran offline (Without internet)
● Full page readability
● 15 Lines Hafizi Quran
● Resume option to get start reading from which page you left
● Surah Index for directly go to any Surah
● Bookmark you favorite page and directly go to you saved bookmarks
● Can Save and Share any Page
● Swipe for next or previous page.
● Amazing 3D effect on page swipe
● Holy Quran HD Arabic Excellent Readability

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