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Reason8 Automated Note-Taking

17 Jul 2018 App Of The Day

Reason8 Automated Note-Taking

by Mobiman

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  • Reason8 Automated Note-Taking
  • Reason8 Automated Note-Taking
  • Reason8 Automated Note-Taking
  • Reason8 Automated Note-Taking

Reason8 is an AI-powered app for automated note-taking and summary preparation for in-person meetings working on multiple smartphones. Use Reason8 at your meetings to get the best automated note-taking quality on the market.

To start just host a meeting and tell your colleagues the meeting ID. Then focus on the discussion, not on taking the notes. If something important arises - tap “Highlight” and it goes to the meeting summary. After the meeting is over - use the app or switch to our web client at reason8.ai for the convenience of keyboard editing to create meeting minutes.

What the media are saying about Reason8:
“A tool that can automatically list any tasks so you don’t have to go back and pick them out of your notes” - TechCrunch
“Reason8 is the Platinum Winner of the Best New Mobile App in May 2018 in categories Business and Productivity” - BMA
“If you take a lot of notes for business or in your personal life, you can streamline the whole process with reason8. This is going to make your life easier.” - Gadget Review

Have you ever had a situation when you have to take notes during an exciting discussion being afraid not to capture all important facts and ideas? Now you and your colleagues can easily record everything and focus on the discussion instead on taking notes.

With Reason8 you can stay engaged through the meeting and rapidly put together meeting summaries, minutes, or follow-ups.

For consultants, scrum masters, agile teams, project managers, executive assistants, business analysts and everyone making meeting notes, summaries and follow-ups. Join phones with Reason8 at an in-person meeting and they will automatically save your conversation identifying who said what even at an active discussion.

Enterprise solution
If you are interested in the enterprise solution and looking for additional information please visit reason8.ai and drop us a line at info@reason8.ai.

Key features:
- Automated note-taking to save all information from in-person meetings
- Automated extraction of tasks from the meeting transcript for speeding up preparation of meeting minutes
- Speech recognition with punctuation and speaker identification supporting multiple languages
- Provides a handy AI service that automates creating meeting summaries and minutes
- Provides a record of the meeting and super accurate speech notes
- Create meeting summaries on the Web at https://reason8.ai for the convenience of keyboard editing
- Facilitates collaboration with a shareable notes and meeting summaries

To get better note-taking quality:
- Place all phones in the same room on a table near their owners
- Keep the devices (and participants) stable while recording

Visit reason8.ai to view the latest help articles for the app, ask questions, and leave suggestions for future app improvements. Or just email us your feedback directly at feedback@reason8.ai

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