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Rest Stops Ahead

02 Jun 2023 App Of The Day

Rest Stops Ahead

by Rest Stops Ahead

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  • Rest Stops Ahead

This innovative travel app has been re-designed to display route maps highlighting rest stop locations with RV DUMPING, PET-FRIENDLY, and other preferred services. Importantly, because of health risk concerns, it also shows expected CROWD LEVELS at each facility. Lots of other unique features too!


- Plan, Drive, and Navigate your road trip ALL ON ONE APP!

- Find one-of-a-kind rest stop ahead info: CROWD SIZE, AMENITIES & SERVICES, DRIVING DISTANCE, and much more

- See a route map with ALL rest stops; then, WITH A TAP, see ONLY those with your preferred services

- Choose the route that has more of your preferred facilities: RV DUMPING, PET-FRIENDLY, PICNIC, and WIFI

- Easily see rest stops ON & NEAR your route (that may have lower crowd size info)

- MONITOR your trip progress and TRACK changing driving distances to selected rest stops ahead

- Get TURN-BY-TURN navigation directions to selected rest stops (and destination)

- Some routes have MULTIPLE ROUTES: select the route with more of your preferred rest stops

- Rest stop locations are placed at the turn-off point, assuring LOCALSIGNAGE CONSISTENCY

- Swap between PLANNING and DRIVING map views as needed.

- See HOURS OF OPERATION, ALERTS, and facility descriptions (if avail.)

- Access our proprietary “GEO-PLACED” rest stop database

- SAVE YOUR SELECTIONS for this and future road trips

- SO….DOWNLOAD this game-changing Rest Stop Locator App and CHECK IT OUT with a FREE TRIAL!

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