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I'm denis, a 32-year-old ex-corporate lawyer, now a full-time cycling trainer, who has a dream to ride his cycles across the continent from North America straight to Europe and part-time blogger (as a result of this), where I share my experiences of buying, utilizing as a pellet, modifying as a rolls Royce and with my adventurous journey of ups and downs.


Riding Pick Author
I was born in Florida. As a child, I get my basic education, but later, we moved to Colorado where my grandfather lived in a beautiful cottage made of wood.

My grandfather taught me the elemental skills for living and surviving with basic tools when I was 15 years old. My Grandpa had a huge collection of bikes over there. He was the collector of different bicycles in his garage.

Although my grandfather was 73 years old, he never had any health problems and always seemed healthy. Yeah! He was very hot. Haha

My grandaPaa (I used to call him) taught me DYI skills, the importance to have a good and healthy life, the importance of adopting discipline, hard work, critical skills in ones life, and many other amazing skills. He used to emphasize that you got your life for once and it is you who has the power to design it with your own rules.

He was the one who brought me my first bicycle on my 16th birthday. I used to ride my bicycle for going to college, trekking in the beautiful mountains of Colorado and in my town.

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