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Ring My Stylist - Appointment Scheduling System

24 Feb 2018 App Of The Day

Ring My Stylist - Appointment Scheduling System

by Best app makerz

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  • Ring My Stylist - Appointment Scheduling System
  • Ring My Stylist - Appointment Scheduling System
  • Ring My Stylist - Appointment Scheduling System
  • Ring My Stylist - Appointment Scheduling System

Appointment Booking Software. Ring My Stylist is the easiest way to connect with your clients and to book your appointments. 

Available in Multiple Languages: English, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese. 

Designed for independent stylists, Ring My Stylist is the first app completely suited to manage every aspect of your business, including your client base, schedule, appointments, services, scheduling, special offers and many more!


- Independent Stylists.
- Hair Stylist, Esthetician, Makeup Artist, Skincare Specialist, Nail Artist, Hairdresser, Fashion Designer, Barber, Tattoo Artist, Masseuse, Image Consultant/Stylist, Foot Masseuse, Body Piercer, Manicurist, Eyelash Technician, Photo and Film Stylist, Bridal Make-Up Specialist.
- Clients regularly utilizing the services of a Stylist.

- Unlimited clients, unlimited appointments, and unlimited client’s pictures storage.
- Get booked by your clients via the app.
- Push Special Offers to your clients.
- Get referred by your clients. Your clients have the refer button available next to each appointment and they can refer you to their friend with a click!
- Special Offers. You can add special offers and push them to all your clients. 
- Seamless Client Management. Go beyond names and contact info to a complete client history that records birthdays, product formulas, details about their style, hair, and scalp health, and even before and after pictures.
- Easy Scheduling. Manage your appointment calendar, send automated reminders, and view open and past appointments by date and by the client.
- Client Retention. Increase appointments, decrease cancellations and provide your clients with a seamless experience.
- Manage Services & Pricing. Create and manage your services and special offers.
- Reports. View how your business does, the reports will help you to better organize your time and your priorities. 

- Easily book your appointments.
- Get automatic appointment reminders. 
- Receive Special Offers from your Stylists.
- View current and past appointments.
- Take advantage of your stylist’s special offers.
- View yours before and after photos.
- Track your hair and scalp health over time.


- For Clients - completely free
- For Stylists - 30 days free, then $9.99 per month

How is this app going to help you as a client?
- The relationship between clients and their stylists is a unique one. When you find a stylist that you like, that understands you, you want to hang on to them. Ring My Stylist makes that relationship even better by providing your stylist with the tools to know you and provides an amazing client experience.
Is that all?
- No - we already have many other features in the design queue which will be available for you. And we want Ring My Stylist to be the best app for stylists and clients that it possibly can be, so we always welcome your feedback. What are you waiting for? Install the app today.

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