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Rolling Icons Gravity Launcher

23 Dec 2022 App Of The Day

Rolling Icons Gravity Launcher

by seven sol

  • Rolling Icons Gravity Launcher
  • Rolling Icons Gravity Launcher
  • Rolling Icons Gravity Launcher
  • Rolling Icons Gravity Launcher

Rolling app launcher rolls the icons of mobile apps in 3D rotation with gravity force on the screen. Just rolling of app icons swaps the selected icons of apps on the screen with gravitation. Rolling fall of apps’ icons creates amazing effects like rolling stone. Roll world of rolling icons creates 3D screen magical effect. Roll world gives such rolling falls to the app icons as gravity tower uplifts or rotates the icons with gravity force on the screen to collide. Random movement of icons on the screen is quite wonderful process. Gravity launcher rolling app icons and photo icons further beautify your mobile screen. Through gestures you can give extra roll to any icon you want for 3D rotation. 
Select the applications, the icons of which you want to give extra roll on magical screen with gravity movement. Apps icons following the gesture start rolling and collision with each other in 3D rotation and gravity movement. Just rolling icons gives effects like someone has shuffled the app icons and photo icons and then let all selected icons with gravity force for gravity movement. Rolling icons gravity launcher also creates photo icons by selecting any image from the phone gallery. Photo icons also swap with gesture in roll world. 
Photo launcher & rolling icon app has following features to roll icons with gravity movement: 
Give rolling to all apps’ icons and also selected icons to be rolled with 3D rotation. 
Dragging the icons upward and then releasing creates rolling fall of icons.
Rolling icons create photo icons by selecting picture from phone gallery.
Creates smiley icons to be rolled by rolling fall on the screen.
Gravity launcher changes the apps icons’ size as large, medium or small.
Uninstall the apps by dragging and removing the app icon from the screen.
Rolling icon app takes the picture from the gallery and sets wallpaper for the rolling of app icons.
Hits the app icons by dragging icons toward each other to create collision among app icons.
Just rolling, constant scrolling and collision of icons does not mix the apps’ independency.
Icons rolling fall launcher provides gravity falls wallpaper for your screen.
How Gravity launcher & rolling icon app launcher functions?
Select the app icons for rolling.
Create photo icons of your images for rolling on screen with app icons.
Start the rolling fall of icons with gravity force by touching and dragging.
Gestures scroll and roll the apps icons and photo icons in all directions.
Set rolling icon 3D wallpapers on your screen.

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