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SafetyScope : Family Personal Safety & Security

09 May 2021 App Of The Day

SafetyScope : Family Personal Safety & Security

by SafetyScope

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  • SafetyScope : Family Personal Safety & Security
  • SafetyScope : Family Personal Safety & Security
  • SafetyScope : Family Personal Safety & Security

The first kind of app is here to provide complete safety to all the users. Safety is a prime concern and we will ensure safety for you and your loved ones. Maximizing the use of technology by assisting user’s record emergency incidents. A unique way to secure yourself, a mobile app made for your safety.

SafetyScope is introducing an emergency video recording app that provides complete safety to all the users. Share location, emergency video recording, video calling, audio calling, stealth mode, and many more features to protect you from all kinds of emergencies. An app that will protect you by being in your pocket. Developed by experts to provide you with all-around security in your palm. A complete security package for you, your friends, and family members.

The app is created especially for people who are more vulnerable to criminal activities. A simple user interface will enable kids to quickly act during an emergency. GPS will update you regarding real-time locations as well. Let us discuss some of the features in detail.

Some of the best features of SafetyScope:

• Call 911
• Safety 24*7
• GPS tracking
• 24/7 protection
• Safety app for family
• Emergency calling app
• Add emergency contacts
• Women and family safety
• Personal Safety & Security
• Record emergency incident

Understand some features in detail for easy operation of the app.

Live location sharing:
Share your location and track your family members by keeping them updated. As a frequent traveller, you can enable location sharing with your contacts to track your friends and updating them regularly. GPS helps share live location during an emergency.

Video recording:
Record videos at any time and inform your trusted contacts regarding the emergency incident. You can also video call your 5 trusted contact to inform them about any event that can be problematic. Instantly share the live video with your family or friends to ask for help.

A unique app to protect you:
This is first kind of app, no one app can provide you with all-around protection like Safety Scope. We have a team of experts that work round the clock to improve the app and provide you with better features that can protect you at all times.

Stealth mode:
Record video or click pictures with a hidden mode. Use stealth mode during uncertain times to hide your camera on your phone and avoid suspicion. Make the most of this feature to record any suspicious activity around you and share it with 911.

Instant call to 911:
Once you complete your login process, 911 becomes your default contact. Every recording or audio call is directly connected to 911 service is dispatched to get you out of the trouble.

Audio call to all your contacts:
Along with a video call to 5 trusted contacts, you can also make an audio call to any of your contact on the phone during an emergency. Ask for help from any reliable person nearby. Stay safe by being in touch with your friends and family.

Let’s make this world safer:
Sheer dedication to providing complete protection to all the users and constant growth along with development illuminates the image of Safety Scope. Let us come together and make this world a safer place to live.
Audio calls, video recording, video sharing, emergency calls, and stealth mode, commendable features will provide you complete protection. Come join the first of its kind emergency application and secure your loved ones.

Visit Website: www.mysafetyscope.com
For instant support: mysafetyscope@gmail.com

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