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Salah Reminder for Muslim 2017

17 Jun 2017 App Of The Day

Salah Reminder for Muslim 2017

by Rizwan Ali

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  • Salah Reminder for Muslim 2017
  • Salah Reminder for Muslim 2017
  • Salah Reminder for Muslim 2017
  • Salah Reminder for Muslim 2017

Never Miss Salah 2017 serves as a Personal Namaz Reminder for those Muslims who find it hard to offer their Prayers on time especially Fajar Salah. It lets one select from a range of options whilst making Alarm usage amusing.

The most distinct attributes of this mobile phone app are:
• Very interesting User Interface along with fun options.
• Set Alarm choice is meant for setting specific Prompt Time for a particular Salah.
• Alarm can be set off by the user by using any of the four attention-grabbing ways, i.e. Tapping on Screen (10 to 30 Taps), Shaking the Cell Phone (5 to 15 Shakes), Answering Questions (3 to 9) in a Quiz or simple choosing Off.
• App consumer can select different Triggers for each Salat.
• It also tells about Starting Time of each Prayer in one`s locality.
• One can choose its preferred Location as well.
• Time Format in both 12 Hr and 24 Hr are available.
• Alarm Sound can be chosen out of 3 Soulful Adhan and 3 other Sounds.
• One can select either of Hanafi or Shafi in the Juristic Section.
• Calculation Method of the time of Salah can be chosen from any of MWL, ISNA, Egypt, Makkah, Karachi, Tehran or Jafari.
• Latitude Adjustment can be attuned to one of Angle Based, Midnight or One Seventh.
• Reset All and Save options are available to alter or keep the already made changes to Settings.
• Share choice can also be utilized to let others know about this handy Salah Reminder App through different Sharing Platforms.

Download this Namaz Reminder App now which will greatly help you to offer your Prayers on time.

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