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Scale Ruler App with Tap Measure

Scale Ruler App with Tap Measure

by Asghar Adeem

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  • Scale Ruler App with Tap Measure
  • Scale Ruler App with Tap Measure
  • Scale Ruler App with Tap Measure

Ruler app android converts mm to inches centimeter to inches and calculate the length. This ruler measurements are the required measurements which helps in the calculation of area and find the length of a straight line. This android mm ruler is easy to use, which helps in finding the distance. This mm ruler acts as online 12 inch ruler which helps to measure while moving the app to calculate the length in inches or mm.

Scale ruler helps in the measurement of dimension of any object with precision. This ruler app will help in finding the height and width without any error.

Inch ruler has following features:
• Inch ruler helps in finding units in millimeters, centimeters, meters, inches and feet
• This 12 inch ruler app finds any object length with precision and accuracy
• Scale ruler helps in zooming the image to measure the length and height
• Easy to use ruler app with simple calibration

How to use ruler app:
This ruler android app can be used by following the instructions:
• Place the object to be measured with the help of inch tap or ruler app on the smart phone
• On the edge of the objectalign the lines to find the measurement with ruler app
• The tape measurement app will read the length and width of the object
Tap on the screen to find the best and exact measurement with 12 inch ruler app or mm ruler app and it can help you in construction so that you can have the best measurement without needing an inch tape and in time. Download this scale ruler android app and be a pro in measurement.

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