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Seeking Palm Script

Seeking Palm Script

by Bestescapegame

  • Seeking Palm Script

Seeking For Palm Script is a point and click type free room escape game developed by BestEscapeGames. Help Ram to Seeking For Palm Script and try to escape him from there.
Ram is a young man who lives in a village near Jodhpur. He came from a poor family and earn cash on farming his few lands. One day, Ram went to the forest for cutting the trees for some firewood. While he was cutting the tree, he found a old palm script under the tree. Ram took the palm script and found an hint to reach the treasure island. When he was returning home with the palm script, few people arrived into the forest. Ram tries to hide the palm script so, he threw into the nearby house where no one lives. After a day later, ram went to the house and began to search for the palm script. But, the house was not cleansed and wrecked. 

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