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Seerab ‎Map

Seerab ‎Map

by Mr

  • Seerab ‎Map

Searching for property is a hectic task. Are you a company? Or Realtor/Investor?
Or are you just someone looking for property to buy. Now you don’t have to go through
the hectic task of visiting and locating property. Seerab maps gives you the ease of
all this stuff from the luxury of your smart phone. Seerab Maps is used by many
companies and Property Portals and Realtor/ Investors to identify and locate
property. Seerab maps has over 12 cities’ data. New maps and updates are added
regularly. Seerab maps is a game changer for Real estate industry, with the ever
changing world, and the rapid expansion of IT industry , the world is moving toward
automation. Seerab maps is next step in the revolution of real estate industry.
It has the following features:
-> Locate and identify property.
-> City wise property list.
-> Search for property in your desired location.
-> The map provides you with the size of each plot and also it physical location.
-> Add your favourite property in favourites list

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