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Sell My Toys

09 Aug 2022 App Of The Day

Sell My Toys

by Brians Toys

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  • Sell My Toys
  • Sell My Toys
  • Sell My Toys

Are you looking to sell your collection of modern toys? Not looking to waste your time listing them one by one on eBay? The Sell My Toys app from Brian’s Toys makes this process quick and easy for you!

Just scan your barcodes and get quotes for your collection with Sell My Toys! Create and manage lists of your toy collection by scanning the bar codes on the packaging of your modern toys. Submit this list to Brian’s Toys to receive an offer. If you have vintage figures from the 1980s or earlier, you will need to e=mail pictures to buying@brianstoys.com. Prices for vintage items depend heavily on condition.

We buy Star Wars, Barbie, Marvel, LEGO, GI Joe, and many more toy lines. To sell your toys:

1. Scan Your Items

2. Submit for Quote

3. Ship your Items

4. Get your Payment

Features include:

- Get a quote from Brian’s Toys when you scan and submit your collection

- Scan items individually or use Multi-Scan to scan many items at once

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