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09 Oct 2016 App Of The Day



  • Sharpflow
  • Sharpflow
  • Sharpflow
  • Sharpflow
  • Sharpflow

Team work and Project Management Simplified
Move work forward. Fast

Organising teams and tasks is now simple with immediate results. You can effortlessly track the flow of your team and centralise all documents, records and reports.

Optimise your workload, teams and time with Sharpflow.

★ Control and project management
For ISO certified companies, to support the management of the quality system, through workflows and evidence in all stages of projects

★ Programming tasks and hours
For organizations or industry that provide services to centrally manage work teams, objective and with time and efficiency gains.

★ Customer support
For Help Desk, Assistance Offices and companies providing customer support.

★ Tracking Systems
For equipment repair companies or providing monitoring and evolution of product status services.

Sharpflow is packed with features to help organise your work.

• Very easy to use and to get results
• Private online service managed by your organisation
• Effectively manage and monitor unlimited client projects
• Track all the phases of a project and keep detailed records
• Maintain organised priority task lists and delegate each task among your team
• Build and maintain custom workflows
• Register and track issues
• Easily create users and define specific roles
• Access to a wide range of reports
• Real-time activity log
• Built in email client to organise projects
• Maintain organised priority task lists and delegate each task among your team
• Create and design quality questionnaires and send to clients
• Get notifications that matter to you

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