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Sheetlet - Calculating Spreadsheets

11 Nov 2023 App Of The Day

Sheetlet - Calculating Spreadsheets

by Emplicore

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  • Sheetlet - Calculating Spreadsheets
  • Sheetlet - Calculating Spreadsheets
  • Sheetlet - Calculating Spreadsheets
  • Sheetlet - Calculating Spreadsheets
  • Sheetlet - Calculating Spreadsheets
  • Sheetlet - Calculating Spreadsheets

Sheetlet has all you need for a Spreadsheet. Its data capturing and calculation technology saves you a lot of time and difficulties.

It has the ease of touch with no setup time for data scanning, calculation, visualizing data in charts, and exporting reports into different formats.

On an iPhone, you can scan data, text and numbers, and perform calculations directly on the data. There is no need to type symbols and formulas into small cells. You can simply drag and drop what is needed to calculate values.


• Scan receipts to spreadsheets

• Convert images to texts

• Scan numbers to calculate

• Make budgets

• Track expenses

• Add charts for data

• Make analytical reports incl. sales analysis, scientific modelling

• Make weekly to-do lists

• Make work calendars

• Add memos and notes

• Perform math calculation

• Do almost everything


• Scan all kind of data to the spreadsheet

• Easy drag and drop features for calculations, charts and text

• Interactive Visual Analyses through many graph types

• Intuitive & smooth User Interface

• Fast recalculations

• Duplicate tables

• Undo/Redo

• Exports to Excel

• Exports to PDF

• Exports to JPG

• Share on social media

• No registration is required!


Sheetlet is easy to use. There is no need to write formulas and to select tiny cells on the mobile device anymore. Your workflow, no matter it is sales, logic, memos, products, supplies, BI, or anything else that you want to work on an iPhone can never be so efficient.

In Sheetlet you can make budgets, split costs, manage your travel expenses, do "what if" scenarios by simple drag and drop. It has never been more easy and secure to enter data into a spreadsheet app and more easy to make calculations. It is your perfect expense tracker & calculator.

Sheetlet is a feature-rich app specially designed for iPhone and iPad users.

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