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Shopping List

25 Feb 2017 App Of The Day

Shopping List

by Indie

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Shopping list is a simple and free app.

He has two main pages: Catalog and Shopping.

The first page - Catalog.
The Catalog contains a list of products sorted by categories. Shopping list is created directly in the Catalog just by marking goods. You can use the search by products from catalog and database with over 8,000 items. If the goods are not found, then from the search you could create new item, put in a group and immediately mark to list.

Second page - Shopping.
The page contains the list of marked to purchase goods. As folding them into a real cart in a real store, the products in in that list again marked as purchased. When all products are marked, you must complete the shopping. When this shopping list gets to a history, and all marks are removed.

Catalog and Shopping enable you to sort and group items at their own order independently.
Items are sorted within their group.

Some additional features: 
 - You can make the photo of the product.
 - Products can be displayed as picture or as title.
 - Each item has a field for the price and a short comment.
 - Search over 8,000 products.
 - Backup to Google Drive (anyone who has access to backup could restore your catalog).
 - Three scheme of colour. Don't be ashamed, try it ;)

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