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Shopsly - Grocery list

22 Jan 2018 App Of The Day

Shopsly - Grocery list

by DDI d.o.o

  • Shopsly - Grocery list
  • Shopsly - Grocery list
  • Shopsly - Grocery list
  • Shopsly - Grocery list
  • Shopsly - Grocery list

Wonder why is Shopsly - Grocery list so special? It includes Grocery list, spending tracker, shoplist history, food prices and many other great functions combined in one app. And yet it is very easy to use.

Clear and easy to use design
Easy to use design is in our opinion one of the most important things in free grocery list app. That is why we developed Shopsly, but it is still built with functionalities that are essential for the user.

Geo location of the store & reminder when it's time to go shopping
No need to use other apps. Integrated reminder will let you know when it is time to go shopping and location map will lead you to the store.

Implemented Spending tracker
Check complete history of your shopping lists, when, where and at what price did you buy your products.

View your weekly, monthly and yearly spendings shown in beautiful chart.

Make multiple grocery lists and share them with your family
Make as many shopping lists as you like and share them with your family so each one of them will know which products have been purchased and which still need to be bought.

Colorize your products to find them quickly
Choose between several playful colors for your products.

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