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15 Nov 2023 App Of The Day


by Ak Web Designer

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ShotOnWith watermarks your picture with a "Shot On" and “Shot With” Label with the variation of iPhone Model Name, Camera Icons OR "By & With" type Label.

This application adds a special touch to your picture. Briefing it up, This application for iOS is compiled with every single functionality you wish to have with any picture Shot on Watermark Stamp.

- A wide range of iPhone Model names to choose your Shot On device Name.
- Edit Picture: Allows you to edit your selected or captured photo.
- Easily adjust your ShotOnWith watermark in four different area of your picture.
- Customize the color of ShotOnWith watermark according to the image background.
- Filter your shot with multiple popular filters.
- Shows Preview before saving or sharing a ShotOnWith picture.
- Save and Share your picture.
- 3D touch functionality to direct access.
- On the spot ShotOnWith icon, shot on a name, shot with name, device name changes with tab structure in the PREVIEW screen.

This can definitely be the best addition to the category of your mobile apps.

Disclaimer: The concept of this app is entirely different and doesn't have any association with Apple or Apple Product or Services.

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