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Sicilian Brisk

Sicilian Brisk

by Vito Gusmano

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  • Sicilian Brisk
  • Sicilian Brisk

The game of trump (see rules within the application) is widespread in many countries, but especially in Italy.
In this version with Sicilian cards, you can play experience with different patterns, like the classic game with two players, the human against the cpu or human against 3 CPU, in this case there are 4 players.
Also you can play online games with a human opponent belonging to your circles from Google. For each game you will need to make your bets, managing your budget coin (initially have only 10 coins). If you win the first place take the 80% of the prize money (obtained by adding the total number of coins bet by the players), if you come second, you're marked a defeat but use 20% of the prize pool, while the third and fourth place does not take anything but it is marked the same defeat. The first place winner will have instead marked a victory. When you will remain short of coins or even you may also be in debt (virtual of course) you can use the mini-game, where if you can find the paper indicated win a money.
In addition there are several achievements to unlock or you can get 5 coins gift from friends. All your wins and losses will be considered in order of the general classification.
Sicilian Trump in free version includes advertising (they will be the unique revenues if you install a proposed game, please consider this!)  on the inside that can be avoided by purchasing the pro version (which contains other goodies) coming soon. Good luck and have fun!

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