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SIP Calculator with SIP Plans

14 Oct 2022 App Of The Day

SIP Calculator with SIP Plans

by Quick App Labs

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  • SIP Calculator with SIP Plans
  • SIP Calculator with SIP Plans
  • SIP Calculator with SIP Plans
  • SIP Calculator with SIP Plans
  • SIP Calculator with SIP Plans
  • SIP Calculator with SIP Plans
  • SIP Calculator with SIP Plans

A systematic investment plan (SIP) is one of the best ways to invest in the mutual fund. Through the power of compounding, you can magnify your return on investments in the long run. However, calculating maturity amount or SIP return might - Monthly, Yearly, Or Quarterly - be difficult for you. But, don’t worry, we got this!

This SIP Calculator with SIP Plans will help you out. With this mutual fund SIP calculator, you can easily estimate the return on your SIP investments & help to select the best mutual fund investment plan. So, you can earn a higher return on your investments.

Key Features of SIP investment calculator:

→ Free SIP Calculator with Top-up

It will quickly calculate what will be your return on investments and total maturity amount. It gives you a rough idea about SIP returns.

How to use this SIP calculator with annual increase?

– Enter your SIP investment amount
– Enter the amount you will add into the SIP plan (If you want to increase/decrease your SIP investment every year)
– Enter return rate & time period

Then, the SIP increase calculator instantly calculates SIP return, total deposits, and maturity amount

You can view, your SIP investment plan report year or month-wise to get an idea about what your investment portfolio look like

→ SIP Lumpsum Calculator

If you’re planning to invest a one-time amount, then this lumpsum return calculator will instantly calculate return on SIP on your total SIP maturity amount.

How to use the lumpsum mutual fund calculator?

– Type your lumpsum investment amount
– Enter current SIP interest rate
– Add tenure period

That’s set! The app will quickly estimate the total returns on SIP and maturity amount. Also, you can view SIP yearly and monthly reports for your lumpsum investment

→ SIP Goal Calculator

SIP goal planner calculator will guide you to how much amount should you invest to plan your SIP to achieve your financial goal

– Just enter your target amount
– Set the number of years in which you want to achieve your goal
– Add expected rate of interest

Here you go! The app will easily calculate the amount that you need to invest every month to meet your dream financial goal

→ Other Amazing Feature

– Get basic information about SIP Mutual Fund (What is SIP? Benefits of SIP? & more)
– SIP value calculator with three different currency format
– Calculate SIP return in four different currencies (Rupee, Dollar, Euro, Pound)

In other words, you'll get:

~ Mutual fund SIP calculator
~ Lump-sum SIP calculator
~ Yearly SIP calculator, monthly SIP calculator & quarterly SIP calculator
~ SIP calculator with annual increment
~ Goal-based SIP calculator

All in one app!!!

We designed this lumpsum plus SIp calculator for everyone. We kept its interface simple, so anyone can easily calculate return on SIP and with the SIP planner, anyone can plan their investments.

Download the SIP growth calculator today & get your financial game plan.

Don’t forget to share your best experience with us through review and give us a five-star rating.

All the best for Your Future investment Plan

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