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SkyBuzz – Add Logo, Free Motivational Image/Videos

24 Jan 2021 App Of The Day

SkyBuzz – Add Logo, Free Motivational Image/Videos

by Tornado Software Pvt. Ltd.

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  • SkyBuzz – Add Logo, Free Motivational Image/Videos
  • SkyBuzz – Add Logo, Free Motivational Image/Videos
  • SkyBuzz – Add Logo, Free Motivational Image/Videos
  • SkyBuzz – Add Logo, Free Motivational Image/Videos
  • SkyBuzz – Add Logo, Free Motivational Image/Videos

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Sky Buzz is one of the best photo editing & brand development tools which have thousands of HD images & Videos With your brand logo.  The thing that makes this application unique and desirable is the feature we provide to create templates or to add a logo to your images. Users can select any images/video that they like & just press the buzz icon to get it to personalize with their logo & other branding details. In short, it’s a Multi marketing media editing tool in the form of an android application.

Why Skybuzz?

We promise that you won’t ask this question after reading this.

We noticed a few common mistakes that people generally made when it comes to sharing media with their audience.

1) Maximum People rely on forwarded messages which are not quality ensured. And also sometimes they got penalized on social platforms for violating copyright policies.

2) Few people search for the desired image or quote on the internet & personalize the same and use it. This might give a good impression but again it is very time-consuming.

We must remember that one message you send may boost or may spoil your impression.

Here at SkyBuzz, Our vision is to create a multi marketing & image editing tool that is free and easy to use by all people in daily life. So that no one has to pay tons of money to maintain their PR (public relation) with their nearest one or with their potential clients.

Skybuzz provides daily +1000 HD images & videos with motivational quotes. On another hand, we provide a great high-end digital marketing tool which enhances your Public relation by making customized logo templates which are used to add your company’s logo on each image. Not only images but we also upload short status videos with a meaningful hidden message with the same logo template feature provided for the images.

We are not done here. To make you independent from the high cost of digital marketing companies out there. Skybuzz offers you the amazing feature to create a customized lead generating form using which you can get your business leads and also manage multiple data accordingly without spending a single penny.

In short, Skybuzz is a powerful Brand Development Platform for Companies, entrepreneurs & professionals to be in touch with their professional & Personal contacts with their brand Identity.

In the end, We like to highlight the main feature of SkyBuzz.

1.   HD images/wallpaper & Videos

2.   Motivational quotes with images

3.   Personalize video with a meaningful hidden message

4.   Customized Brand Logo templates

5.  Get a point by just using this app to avail of discounts on Skybuzz amazing offers.

6.   Multi marketing kit with PR (Public relations) handling tool.

7.   A digital marketing tool that includes customized & shareable lead form with CRM

8.   Seasonal offers which can be avail using Skybuzz point discounts

9.   Multi marketing brand development tool

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