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Sleep Sounds & White Noise

23 Dec 2021 App Of The Day

Sleep Sounds & White Noise

by XLightmedia

  • Sleep Sounds & White Noise
  • Sleep Sounds & White Noise
  • Sleep Sounds & White Noise
  • Sleep Sounds & White Noise

Get a full night peaceful sleep. No more sleepless nights or being afraid of waking up in the middle of the night. Listen to sleep stories, natural sounds, and other sleep music. Seclude yourself from all the noises and disturbances around you and immerse yourself into the deepest tranquil state of mind. White noise helps you to feel drowsy in no time. Get relaxed and gratified. Let all your worries and tensions go away. Dive into the deepest stage of sleep. Let yourself travel through the longest valleys of sweet dreams. We have included the contents that allow you to find tranquility in your mind that you get through meditation. Let yourself indulge in the deepest stage of inner peace without learning to manage your anxiety and stress.


Our sleep meditation functionality will improve your quality of sleep. Helps to maintain and preserve your regular sleeping cycle. Acquire mindfulness skills and stay focused and conscious. Hence, you can be more productive in your life. Bring peacefulness and self-contentment into your life. Create your own chimes using the composer measuring your mode.


Play bedtime stories for your kids that have been carefully picked up. So, it’s safe for all ages.




- Sleep quickly listening to Sleep Stories, Natural Sounds, Sleep Music or White Noise

- Bedtime music lullaby and stories to help your kid get into a deep sleep really quick

- Guided meditations on subjects like Beginners, Anxiety, Focus and Sleep from the world’s topmost mindfulness instructors

- Pleasing background themes with relaxing music

- Recommendation for your good night’s sleep based on your preference

- Every night try something new on Sleep Sound

- Compose your own melodies matching your mode

- Bedtime reminder to help you prepare for your bed

- Set up alarms and wake up with relaxing melodies

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