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Snap Search

15 May 2022 App Of The Day

Snap Search

by Rajat Vaghani

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Tired of having your every move online tracked? Want to remain safe and anonymous while you search the web? Keep all the snoopy eyes and creeps away - Snap Search is designed to enable and give back your basic and obvious right to online privacy.

While we also want to keep you safe and secure online, Snap Search is also proud to be the quickest way to search through your favourite websites in the easiest manner possible. Searching your favourite websites is incredibly easy:

Step 1) Select your website from the list of 15+ websites ✓

Step 2) Enter your desired search term/keywords ✓

Step 3) Instantly start browsing through the search results in the most secure way possible - you don't have to do anything else, we keep you protected throughout. ✓


Maintaining complete privacy for the users is right at the core of Snap Search. A number of steps have been taken to ensure the same. Some of them are:

» Incognito mode for the keyboard

The keyboard doesn't remember or learn the words you type.

» Browser precautions

Cookies, History, Cache Storage and even Javascript trackers have been turned off on the browser by default.

» Proxy Mode

For users that want to go an extra mile, turning on proxy mode will bounce your request through our various VPN servers as well - NOBODY can track you.

» No Permissions

We don't ask for critical permissions like Location or Accounts, which prevents others from accessing it through us as well.

» No Sign Up

You don't need to sign up and create an account at any point of time - Its FREE for all - download and start instantly!


Important Features:

» Smart Predictions

We make quality predictions for your search queries without storing any user data. All predictions have 0 bias and no influence over any previous searches made ever. They're compiled through a generic list of search terms.

» Widgets

Place widgets on the home screen and search in Incognito in just 1 tap

» Bookmarks

Is there something you search frequently? Create bookmarks for them and avoid having to type the same thing each time.

» User Agent

Have complete control on the type of browser. Access a website like a Mac, iPhone or even a Windows laptop user.

» Huge Website Support

Search through multiple of our supported websites and never be tracked online

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