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Sound Meter

Sound Meter

by Earn and Learn

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Sound meter application will provide you the frequency of noise in the environment. This decibel meter can be used to detect the noise in the room or outside the living room. The noise decibel meter will detect the frequency of noise in the environment and will provide you calculations in decimal units.
Sound meter and decibel meter is the best android application to measure the sound intensity or sound level with a noise detector sensor. This noise measurement or noise detector application used the phone's microphones to calculate the intensity of sound in a specific area.

The sound meter app is very best because most places have a lot of noise and you can not feel relax. To use this app find those places you can feel relax.

Key Features

➢ Easy to use
➢ User-friendly GUI
➢ Display values in the decibel
➢ Show minimum and maximum sound and noise level in decibel
➢ Set maximum decibel value for warning
➢ Display decibel value by gra

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