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Sound Touch Lite - Flash Cards

01 Jun 2020 App Of The Day

Sound Touch Lite - Flash Cards

by Mobiman

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  • Sound Touch Lite - Flash Cards
  • Sound Touch Lite - Flash Cards
  • Sound Touch Lite - Flash Cards
  • Sound Touch Lite - Flash Cards
  • Sound Touch Lite - Flash Cards


144 amazing pictures + sounds of: animals, vehicles, musical-instruments and household items


  • Super simple!
  • Dubbing in 35 languages.
  • 144 amazing pictures & sounds.
  • 6 rotating pictures for every item.
  • Includes popular classical music pieces.
  • Discover more features in the settings menu.

Simplicity is the key to a successful app for children. For the younger ones, even swiping can get a little tricky. Sound Touch relies only on taps, making it super easy for little fingers to navigate.

The app opens right to the activity, without a main menu. It’s broken into 6 categories, which are shown at the bottom of the screen as pictures – animals, wild animals, wild birds, vehicles, musical-instruments and household. Each page has various items displayed with bright, cute cartoon items. Tap a picture, and a real life photo of the item pops open, accompanied by the sound it makes. Tap the picture anywhere, and it disappears.

Playing around with the app, you'll discover something even cooler – each item has not one, but 5 real pictures and sounds! Bringing up something new every time you tap is a great way to keep kids’ attention. The photos are great, as is the sound quality of the recordings.

The musical instruments section features famous classical music pieces – your kids can tap on a violin or trumpet and hear 5 different runs. With ships and fire trucks, horses and ducks, violins and accordions, elephants and monkeys, it would take a while for little ones to get tired of this game!

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