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Speak to Chat

Speak to Chat

by Hamilton TenĂ³rio da Silva

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Do you use WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram, SMS, Skype or other messenger program? Then check out this app. With it you can send a message written by one of these applications, but talking about! You said, it turns into text and then you choose who to send. Great for those who have difficulties to write in small keyboard phone or prefer talking instead of typing.

If you do not want or do not like using the keyboard, this app assists in this task when it comes to sending messages through messenger programs.

You talk, which evaluates the options of sentences is correct phrase (you can change the text) and touch to send the text by default program you define the general settings. You can change this option each shipment, choosing another application for shipment. Just select the contact or group from your messenger and ready program. Your text message is sent.

The phrase can be recognized easily completed at the end with a question mark (?), An exclamation point (!) Or with an ellipsis (...). Just tap the corresponding icon shipping. This facilitates the understanding of the meaning of the phrase, very simply.

Allows you to set the language for the speech to be recognized (Portuguese, English, Spanish, Arabic, French and others), independently of the language of presentation of the screens.

It allows you to send your geographic location with a link to the maps, along with your message. Thus, the person receiving your message will know where you are. Because it is an item that exposes privacy, it must enable this function and confirm sending each message.

You can also create phrases and leave them stored for later shipment. Thus, frequent use of phrases are ready to quickly send to clients, friends, suppliers, etc.

New: You now has to "speak camouflaged": you register text for specific words replacements. So you can say something and send a different text!

Important: you need to have the desired messenger program installed on your device. This application does not replace the official messenger program. The names of the above messengers are owned by third parties and have no connection with these companies.

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