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Speed Test

03 Jul 2020 App Of The Day

Speed Test

by speed test

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  • Speed Test
  • Speed Test
  • Speed Test
  • Speed Test

Are you sure that you are getting the speed which was promised to you by your ISP (Internet Service Provider)? if you want to make sure then Speed Check Expert app is for you.

Speed Test: Speed Check Expert is specially designed App for speed test, it shows the speed with variety of graphics that helps to understand the speed variations visually. It checks both download and upload speeds as well as PING / Latency. We have very fast and smart servers around the world those are used to check your internet speed precisely, it is very small app and anyone can keep it installed on their mobile phone for speed test at any time.

WiFi Analyer: Speed Check Expert has a WiFi Signals Strength meter as well which helps the user to check how strong the connected WiFi's signals are.


* Uses smart speed testing technology.
* Light weight and attractive design.
* Keeps history of last 10 test results.
* Useful media's related info based on the final result.
* Speed Unit can be changed (even after testing).
* Speed variations can be seen visually.
* Fast, Reliable and Smart servers help to produce fine results.
* Shows IP address.
* WiFi Signal strength meter.

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