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SpeedBot Trade

13 Jan 2023 App Of The Day

SpeedBot Trade

by SpeedBot

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SpeedBot App is a cloud-based All-in-One Algo-Trading platform. SpeedBot Marketplace offers ready-to-use Trade Bots with detailed backtest reports and other analytical checkpoints to decide and subscribe to your account.

Investors can subscribe to those TradeBots in Paper Mode without allocating any real funds.

- SpeedBot links with your favorite Broker account and start Auto-Trading with TradeBots with allocated funds and Risk.

- Backtest Reports & statistics on each bot are computed over the several years (not months) of market data hence they prove the represented Trade Idea.

- Backtest reports P&L considers the simulated Broker Fees to provide the realistic profitability of all the TradeBots in the marketplace.



- SpeedBot gives the intuitive 'No-Code' Bot Builder - A web-based Tool to create your Trade Idea into a Trade Bot

- With SpeedBot Bot Builder one can create a variety of Trade strategies, with 150+ technical quantitative indicators for defining the Trade Rules.

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