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SPM - Sales Rank Analyzer

30 Aug 2019 App Of The Day

SPM - Sales Rank Analyzer

by Brickhouse Games

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  • SPM - Sales Rank Analyzer
  • SPM - Sales Rank Analyzer
  • SPM - Sales Rank Analyzer
  • SPM - Sales Rank Analyzer

SPM Analyzer, estimate the sales per month of any product on Amazon by simply putting in the sales rank. An easy, simple sales rank calculator for product research. Get insight on how well a product/ASIN is doing to determine your next steps in selling through Amazon.


-Data available for all Marketplaces

-Choose from 30 Amazon specific categories

-Results delivered instantly


DISCLAIMER: SPM Analyzer provides estimated monthly sales, and is only an additional tool in Amazon research. Use your own due diligence to determine whether or not a specific product will sell through. FBA HAWK will not be held responsible for any data discrepancies in the application that result in or end in user loss.


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