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Spy Camera - Free

07 Jun 2017 App Of The Day

Spy Camera - Free

by Emma Joy

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  • Spy Camera - Free
  • Spy Camera - Free
  • Spy Camera - Free

Take pictures and record videos in the background without showing the camera preview window with this amazing Spy Camera app. Spy Camera is very useful for recording videos and images without knowing the others. This hidden camera has some amazing feature that makes this application more awesome. You can also receive calls or make other work in your device while recording videos with Spy Camera app.
A Hidden camera is the best tool when you want to make silent photos and you don't want anyone to notice it. This app allows you to make automatic secret camera images. No one will see that you are making photos! You can be a real spy! Use silent camcorder and make photos. You can also use this spy camera for recording videos at specific time. You can also record videos by switching off your phone light.
The application can work in two modes. First mode is when the screen is black so it looks like your phone is off and the second mode is when phone screen is on. To switch between these two modes go to the settings by pressing Menu button. Also in Settings it is possible to read brief instructions of how to use Spy Camera and an option to show Help message after first launch of Spy Camera. Spy Camera allows you to capture videos in background mode or when the phone is in locked state. This spy cam is very useful for police and intelligence agencies to suspect and investigate criminals. You can store Spy Videos in SD Card and view it later.
100% FREE spy cam to shoot unlimited secret videos and photos

• Excellent high quality auto image shooting & video recorder
• Turn your device screen off and record videos
• Records video in background while another app is running
• Your own spy video recorder
• Quick quit mode
• Schedule to take photos at specific time
• Only vibrate, no preview or shutter sound
• No extra notifications but relevant to your image or videos
• A hidden eye in your pocket
• Background recorder
• Sneak Peek app, peeping tom

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