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SSH Client - Terminal, Telnet

02 Jan 2023 App Of The Day

SSH Client - Terminal, Telnet

by Moon Technolabs

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  • SSH Client - Terminal, Telnet
  • SSH Client - Terminal, Telnet
  • SSH Client - Terminal, Telnet
  • SSH Client - Terminal, Telnet
  • SSH Client - Terminal, Telnet
  • SSH Client - Terminal, Telnet

SSH Client is simply a powerful app to works with SSH servers on your Mac, iPhone & iPad devices without any dependencies on the server side. Connect your remote servers easily.

The world’s best intelligent & advanced SSH Client app to manage and connect remote servers for your iOS and Mac devices


About SSH Client:

SSH Client is an on-the-go SSH-Telnet app which is the best putty, console and shell ios app with powerful remote access & terminal emulator. Our app is an enterprise grade mobile app built for all kinds of needs to manage servers. Our comprehensive features are not limited to terminal keyboard and language support, multi-session capability, bluetooth keyboard support but many more.

Most famous and loved because of its Administrator-Friendly approach, we have also taken into consideration our valued customers' suggestions and constantly releasing updates for SSH Client to become reliable and robust in real world usage and development.

• Private key files can now be directly imported in multiple formats (RSA, DSA, Putty) using iTunes sharing from other apps and Clipboard

• RSA / DSA key generation and authentication and share it via email or Clipboard

• Get ‘Local Notification Alert or blink’ before the connection starts terminating

• Quick retrieval of the last top 3 connected servers to join instantly


SSH Client Functionalities:

• Launch (Run) a saved command/script at connection startup

• Connect with your servers using username, password or private key authentication through SSH

• Configurable ‘Standard and Non-Standard’ port


Adaptive Terminal:

• Customize Terminal like background, foreground, cursor colour selection

• Standard Terminal features including ‘Terminal Emulator with Editor’

• Personalize Terminal Size

• Support Terminal Screen copy/paste and easy text selection


Server Folders:

• Organized groupwise server to easy and free manage and control interoperability in a blink.


Customizable Keyboard:

• Fully External / Bluetooth keyboard support

• Special keys such as Esc, Tab, Ctrl, /, :, -, !, |, $, *

• Built-In keyboard keys with fixed keys like Ctrl, Alt, Tab, Esc, Up, Down, Left, Right and F1-12


Easy Connect:

• Run multiple prompt sessions at a time

• Active connection counts indicator at App Badge

• Configure and manage unlimited future sessions to reduce workload


Gesture Control:

• Pinch Scaling Terminal Screen

• One touch on / off for Auto scroll

• Single tap connection/disconnection from ‘Home Screen’


Key Handy Features of Free SSH Client (Best Putty, Console, Shell App):

• Works over mobile Cellular or WiFi network

• Use Custom or Mac Built-In fonts

• Uninterrupted operationality in ‘Portrait or Landscape’ modes

• Multiple editors supported like Vi, vim, pico, nano, etc

• Built-in Passcode features

• It's a Universal Binary, hence, no need of buying 2 apps for iPhone and iPad


SFTP Functionalities:

• Quickly create, rename and delete files & directories

• Easily edit text files

• Upload and Download files from your device to your server and server to your device


Know about supported technologies:

Protocols: SSH, SFTP

Channel types: Session Shell, Session SFTP, Local Forward

iOS versions: 14


Subscription Details:

- Subscriptions allow users to have prompt access to all features with unlimited access to all platforms.

– Payment will be charged to iTunes Account.

– The free trial period lasts for 7 days and automatically renews unless auto-renew is turned off at least 24 hours.

- User can manage subscriptions & auto-renewal by turning it off from Account Settings after purchase.

- All features for all platforms will be disabled upon completion of the subscription.


Terms of use: http://moondialer.moontechnolabs.com/v1/ssh-terms


Contact us at support@moontechnolabs.com

Most welcome for any suggestions or feedback as we always keep on adding new features based on our customer's feedback and requests.

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