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Statistics for Spotify Music

03 Mar 2023 App Of The Day

Statistics for Spotify Music

by Mobiman

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  • Statistics for Spotify Music
  • Statistics for Spotify Music
  • Statistics for Spotify Music
  • Statistics for Spotify Music
  • Statistics for Spotify Music
  • Statistics for Spotify Music

See your most listened music on Spotify for both songs and artists. Also, create Spotify playlists from your most listened to songs.


Don't feel like waiting to see your Spotify Wrapped at the end of the year?

Want to have a clear overview of your music listening history on Spotify?


Statistics for Spotify Music provides you detailed insights into your most listened tracks and artists over certain periods at any time of the year. Finally, you can know what you love listening to the most!


See how your “most listened to” rankings change and which tracks and artists perform better than others. Want to create playlists with just your dearest all-time favorites? Use our simple playlist maker and easily create playlists of your top tracks.


See why our Spotify stats tool is one of the favorite Spotify companion apps of hundreds of thousands of music fans around the globe.




● Spotify Stats

See top tracks and top artists for both Spotify basic and Spotify premium accounts. See the most listened songs/artists for the last 4 weeks, 6 Months, and All Time. The app keeps the top 50 most played tracks and artists for each period.


● Recently Played

Besides most listened songs and artists, our music stats app for Spotify also allows you to view tracks you have played recently in case you skipped a track accidentally.


● Spotify Playlist Maker

You don't have to create top tracks playlists by yourself anymore! Create Spotify playlists of your top tracks directly in Statistics for Spotify Music without even leaving the app. Just tap the top right corner, add a playlist name, and start adding songs.


The next time you open Spotify your newly created playlist appears in your playlists. You can also add individual tracks from your rankings to your playlists without searching them on Spotify.


● View Artist and Song Info & Play Songs on Spotify

Tap the artist or song name to get more details about a track or artist. Then view artists or listen to a track directly in Spotify just with a single tap.


Now it’s time to dive deep into your music listening history on Spotify. Have a tool that will determine your favorite artists and songs of all time once and for all!


Get Statiks - Statistics for Spotify Music for FREE.




- Our Spotify stats app requires just permission to access the Spotify app on your device and the account linked to it. This permission is required so we can track your music listening history, as well as to allow you to create playlists and play songs directly on Spotify.



Disclaimer: Statiks - Statistics for Spotify Music is not related to Spotify AB or any of its partners in any way.

Background vector created by pikisuperstar - www.freepik.com

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