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Status Saver

Status Saver

by Roheela Bibi

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If you want save images and video from WhatsApp status, you can easily use saver status. Saver status app save images and video in few seconds. Save status download is free app in play store. You can use this app and can easily download your friend status and save in gallery. Saver status app is for WhatsApp that you can easily downloaded in your mobile, easily share status in social link, and save in gallery. WhatsApp saver and status is easily use for downloading status. Status downloader for image and video on your mobile phone and you easily share with your friends and Family Members in any time. Through Status saver for WhatsApp download app, you easily download the video and images and easily save in your gallery. Free status saver for image and video download can also set for wallpaper. Free status saver 2019 app is easily downloaded, share, and set in wallpaper easily. Status saver is very good app and you use easily the app and enjoy with friends and Family Members. 

How to use status saver:
Choose status saver and download in your phones.
Select image and video from status and save in gallery.
Select image and video from status and share easily in social links with friends.
Select image and video from status download and easily set wallpaper in your mobile phone.

Saver status is able to save images and video. You easily share video and image in any time with others. This is free app for all people. Good and friendly interface and people use easily status saver and downloader for images and videos is very good and free app.

Feature of status saver:
View status and download images and videos.
You can share status without saving easily.
Download status save in gallery images and videos.
Download images and set as wallpaper.
Share images and video without saving contact.

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