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Status Saver: Video Downloader

Status Saver: Video Downloader

by NG App Studios

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  • Status Saver: Video Downloader
  • Status Saver: Video Downloader
  • Status Saver: Video Downloader
  • Status Saver: Video Downloader
  • Status Saver: Video Downloader
  • Status Saver: Video Downloader

This instant status downloader app is a convenient tool for saving and storing the status updates of your contacts on WA. With this social downloader app, you can easily save any video or image status update from your contacts without having to take a screenshot or manually save the file. This can be especially useful if you want to save a funny video or inspiring quote from one of your contacts for later viewing.

Get Status Saver – Video Downloader today!

**Status Saver for Whatsapp**
The status saver for Whatsapp app typically works after you view the full status updates of your contacts within the WA app, and then come to our social downloader app to find an option to save any update that you wish to keep. A social downloader app is a useful tool for saving and organizing the status updates of your contacts on WA. With this video status app, you can easily download and save images and videos from your contacts, making it easy to view them later or share them with others.

**Easy and Clean Interface**
The app is user-friendly, and it allows you to save and organize and save status updates from WA in no time. This way you can keep all the statuses in one place, and easily access them when you want to. Ditch the complicated downloading process and use this WA status downloader app to make your life easier and your social media experience better once and for all. Another cool feature of the app is to view deleted messages of friends within the status saver app.

**Features of Status Saver – Video Downloader**
• Simple and easy to use all status saver for Whatsapp UI/UX
• WA status downloader app that lets you save images and videos
• Download video status from WA with this video saver app
• Simple one tap download after you have completely watch the status on WA
• App allows you to view the deleted messages of friends as well.

Overall, a Status Saver – Video Downloader app can be a useful tool for anyone who wants to store and save status updates of their contacts for later viewing, sharing or reposting. It can be a great way to remember important moments, or to share inspiring or funny videos with friends and family.

1. Status saver app isn’t responsible for media content which you download.
We suggest checking first media copyright permissions before downloading.
2. This app is in no way affiliated with, sponsored or endorsed by WhatsApp, Inc, any other social media app mentioned in the description.

Status saver helps you to download images, pictures, photos and videos of your friend's WA status. Status downloader app is very simple to use, you can share the saved photo status and video status right from the app directly. You can also repost the downloaded video and photo status to your status.

Steps to use the app:
01. Download the Status Saver – Video Downloader app
02. View your friends story status on Whatsapp(WA)
03. Open the Status Saver – Video Downloader app
04. Select the status you like
05. Click the download button to download and save the status you want.
06. You can now repost the same on your status story or share it with friends

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