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Steps & Calorie Counter Pedometer Free

08 Nov 2017 App Of The Day

Steps & Calorie Counter Pedometer Free

by Art Lab

  • Steps & Calorie Counter Pedometer Free
  • Steps & Calorie Counter Pedometer Free
  • Steps & Calorie Counter Pedometer Free
  • Steps & Calorie Counter Pedometer Free
  • Steps & Calorie Counter Pedometer Free
  • Steps & Calorie Counter Pedometer Free

Running and Walking is Life... Just Run
A free easy-to-use pedometer app! Step counter, activity tracker and calorie counter in real-time. Perfect for walking and dieting! No Battery wasting. No locked features. No login. No GPS/Data collection.
✪ ♛ How to use? ♛ ✪ 
* Touch on the number of steps, burned calories, distance, walking time, or speed to display the graph with that information.
* Touch the graph to highlight information data for a specific time or date.
* In order to display the correct number of burned calories, please enter your age, gender, weight and step length accurately.
* Click on "Pedometer Settings" and adjust mode if the step counter is not accurately recording your steps
* Choose what to tell. Choose Exercise either going to be on walking or running
* Tap on play button to start counting of steps, calories, distance, and speed. 
Enjoy healthy and life fitness Android App
Steps & Calorie Counter Pedometer is accurate step counter. Fitness keeper count your fitness tracking. Steps & Calorie Counter Pedometer calculate your calorie burned, pace, steps, and distance traveled. All these are stored in history and upon graphs for the best performance.
✪ ♛Weight Loss Coach and Fat Burn
Check your weight and set it in preferences. 
✪ ♛ Screen Widgets ♛ ✪ 
Take device in your hand or pocket and watch steps on screen.
✪ ♛ Running Fitness and Health App ♛ ✪ 
Free pedometer app is best pedometer for use as calorie-counter calculator and walk/running counter. 
Make your diet and exercise routine perfect. Use nutrition workout plan according fitness. Don't worry you don’t have to buy step counter device; use it as step counter watch.Track your pedometer distance and travel distance on the charts or graphs records.
Steps & Calorie Counter Pedometer is sports tracker. Steps & Calorie Counter Pedometer provides charts for daily, weekly and monthly basis along with other information anytime.
Unique Features :
* Translated and localized with 40+ languages
* The easiest built-in pedometer for any phone
* Use the pedometer app in the background to conserve battery life. Usually, a steps tracker will drain your battery...not here! This step tracker will be the counter of each mile, kilometer and step without leaving you phone less
* Accurate activity tracking, step, calories burned calculator, distance and speed
* Notifies a motivating voice that you can customize to tell your pace, distance, steps information on voice on your own choice
* Beautiful circular progress displays for your steps, calories and weight
* Beautiful trend displays for your steps, calories, and weight
* Step frequency calculation (based on the steps and walking distance tracker)
* Training and activity log included in this steps tracker app -- including analysis 
* Overall stats of all your activities
* Step counter pedometer is a tool for building healthy habits and achieving goals.
✪ ★Important Note ★
- Some devices will not record the number of steps when they are locked. This depends exclusively on the specifications of each device and it is not a bug of the app.
- If you use cleaning tools, add our app to the "ignore" list so that the step counter doesn't get shut down
- If you find errors in the number of steps recorded, please adjust the sensitivity.
- It is best to do 110 steps per a minute as pace average.
- Standard for goal is 10,000 steps a daily. Make sure to achieve it soon.
✪ Coming Updates ✪ 
• Gym workout
• Aerobic exercise
• Route Map
• Bonus offer on useful items
• Add account and sync with different accounts
• Smart-watch version
• BMI Calculator

Feels free to contact us
Email: zoomart2017@gmail.com
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