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23 Sep 2023 App Of The Day


by StockEdge

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The most beneficial share market analysis app for Indian investors & traders.

StockEdge is a share market app with everything you need to analyse, learn and thrive in the market about stocks & shares. Simple for beginners and effective for technical analysis experts, StockEdge has all the instruments for publication and viewing trading ideas.

Why register, you ask? StockEdge gives you access to a host of exclusive features, like custom watchlists, combination scans & much more. And guess what? That’s not all! You can even customize the features tailored for your needs.

StockEdge is India's most trusted stock market app, helping thousands of traders and investors with smarter decisions!

StockEdge encourages investing and trading with technical and fundamental tools developed by our dedicated team of experts.

Get end-of-day share market analytics based on BSE and NSE Data.

⭐ Our offerings: Stock market Investing/Trading

✔️ Stock market updates: Get daily shares & stock market chart updates, including news on NIFTY, NSE Data, BSE Shares, NSE Watch, BSE Sensex, BSE Index, corporate actions, FII/DII Cash, derivative statistics.

✔️ Trading strategies: Discover the trading strategies of every Indian industry and stay abreast with the latest stock market trading news and announcements. The trading strategies have been laid out with intricate planning, combining all the scans of share market.

✔️ Stock market scans:

➔Wide range of scans to analyse the market
➔Scans based on technical and fundamental analysis
➔Combination Scan to build your own investing strategies
➔Catch stocks & shares right before a breakout with Breakout Scans
➔Advanced Scans based on Technical Indicators like RSI (Relative Strength Index)

✔️ IPO Guide: Catch up on the latest IPO Premium and receive further detailed information from our IPO guide.

✔️ Investors Portfolio: Inspired by the journey of top Indian investors? Get an exclusive look into their portfolio and latest deals.

✔️ Investment Themes: StockEdge readymade investment themes are based on emerging business models. The intricate models used to filter the best high delivery stocks & shares make StockEdge a trusted investing app.

✔️ Edge Reports: Our 24x7 dedicated shares & stock research team prepares daily stocks research reports on companies and finances.

✔️ Company Filings: Guides including recent Mergers, Acquisitions, Stock splits, buyback & more valuable information is available in the app.

✔️ Institutional Investor Activity: Keep tabs on the latest activities of institutional investors and family trading houses with detailed information on their shareholdings, announcements & deals.

✔️ Investment Ideas: StockEdge has a Spider chart based on various aspects of a business, including growth, profitability, efficiency, quality & valuation. Based on these parameters, investors can consider trading & invest in stocks & shares that show a promising business model & are undervalued.

⭐ Mutual Funds

With StockEdge, you can revamp your mutual fund portfolio using features like mutual fund themes, AUM analysis, and classes.

✔️ AMC: Browse through the significant asset management companies and their mutual fund schemes & get a detailed mutual fund analysis report.

✔️ Funds: Browse through the large-cap, mid-cap & small-cap funds under the equity option. Debt & hybrid funds are also available.

✔️ Investment Themes: There are various types of mutual fund schemes based on multiple themes like high beta funds, tax saving investment, generate regular income, etc.

The primary vision of StockEdge is to empower trading with shares & stock market knowledge and tools to grab the opportunities in the share market through simple visualisations.