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StoryPie- Trending news, Latest Story, Short News

12 Aug 2019 App Of The Day

StoryPie- Trending news, Latest Story, Short News

by salina masons

  • StoryPie- Trending news, Latest Story, Short News
  • StoryPie- Trending news, Latest Story, Short News
  • StoryPie- Trending news, Latest Story, Short News
  • StoryPie- Trending news, Latest Story, Short News
  • StoryPie- Trending news, Latest Story, Short News
  • StoryPie- Trending news, Latest Story, Short News

StoryPie values the intelligences of our readers!

A one-stop reading app, for the naturally curious - StoryPie is a literary endeavour! We aim to supply the best, most relevant and latest stories comprising of current affairs, amazing facts, entertainment news, sports news, lifestyle topics, bollywood stories, fashion blogs, health alerts, grooming tips, tech showcases and a lot more - all in a short daily news format. Our goal is to encourage the most literarily inclined among us, to rekindle their secret flame for reading articles or daily news.

Our top news reading app keeps tabs on the daily current affairs most important to you, the reader. StoryPie: Current Affair app is an independent e paper in the form of an online magazine: a magazine app, a lifestyle app which lets you read about curious oddities, and follow trending topics such as fitness advice, science facts, technological innovations and daily news stories – revel and bask in the trends which make airwaves.

Our dedicated bunch of bakers – a sweet graphics staff and a salty writing team - curate the best, most visually appealing, leisurely enjoyable lifestyle news and hacks, in a blog for your entertainment. StoryPie is an independent news app which curates the best, most delectable Pie for the story app: kneading our sources into a tender dough, and baking the stories inside the furnace of wit, is an effortless grind for us.

Our news app or lifestyle app has a blog on every relevant topic you wish to see. Do you wish to read about daily news stories? We have it. Are you interested in Entertainment? We got that too. A measure to pleasure - our app will satiate your inner being.


1. Complete News App: StoryPie is a one-stop lifestyle app and news trending app which promotes reading in children and adults alike.

2. The latest stories And Categories: Follow current trends on trending topics like Lifestyle, Health, Fitness, Sports, Grooming, Tech, Fashion and more stuff on trending news.

3. Read Short news: Get to know about the world by reading world news and trending facts in real quick time. Read short news, indulge in daily current affairs 2019, facts and top stories

4. Daily Trending Stories: Get in touch with the daily top news and facts like: latest cricket facts , latest entertainment or lifestyle news. Read articles related to technology, health, lifestyle, cricket, football or other sports stories in quick time. Any news trending would be found here!

5. Current Affairs 2019: Increase your daily knowledge by reading the latest stories and updated current affairs 2019 in a glance in this current affair app.

6. Bookmark and Read Later: Sit back and relax, enjoy our story app at your own leisure, now with a bookmark feature

7. Push Notifications for latest news in this current affair app: Get push notifications on this news app for current affairs 2019, top stories, the latest trending topics or any fashion, technology, cricket and sports related news buzz. This can be your lifestyle app also!

8. Favorite Author’s Profile: Personal author profiles to let you know who baked your pie

9. E Magazine or E Paper: An E paper providing daily news in a blog format, covering all the latest trending news and topics which are related to different categories like sports, lifestyle, cricket, lifestyle and fashion, technology and many more such articles.

On the go, everywhere you go, a lifestyle magazine is always in your pocket. It doesn’t matter what topics you like, storypie covers all the news trending, facts and trending stories. StoryPie is the one place for all sorts of stories related to technology, lifestyle, bollywood facts and stories, sports like cricket, football, basketball and current affairs. Increase your knowledge about the world and read out your favorite top stories in a quick time, that too for free.

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