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TapOnn: Business Networking App

07 Mar 2023 App Of The Day

TapOnn: Business Networking App

by wireps

  • TapOnn: Business Networking App
  • TapOnn: Business Networking App
  • TapOnn: Business Networking App
  • TapOnn: Business Networking App
  • TapOnn: Business Networking App
  • TapOnn: Business Networking App

Introducing TapOnn - the ultimate digital networking tool for business professionals. With just one tap using NFC technology, you can instantly exchange card information with other users, build valuable relationships and expand your professional network.

TapOnn is more than just a digital business card exchange - it's a powerful networking tool that helps you connect with other professionals in your industry instantly. With TapOnn, you can easily connect with others at networking events, conferences, or even just in everyday business situations.

The TapOnn app makes it easier to keep track of your contacts, with all of your business cards stored digitally in one place. No more cluttered wallets or lost cards - simply tap your TapOnn smart card/product against another user's phone to instantly add them to your network.

So why wait? Get TapOnn today and start building your professional network in a whole new way. With TapOnn, the possibilities are endless.

Features -

1. No app Needed, Just Taponn -
Other users don’t need an app to connect with you. All it takes is an NFC enabled device and one tap of your super smart card to instantly share all your details with the person next to you. For people not having NFC enabled Smartphones, users can simply share the custom QR code or Link to connect and share details.

2. Update Info Anytime, Anywhere -
Update Information anytime and from anywhere. Nothing is set in stone, especially not your details. With the TapOnn app, change, remove, add, or update your info anytime and even choose what to share with who. (No Kidding)

3. Track your connection insights on your TapOnn App!
What is growth if it can't be measured? Get insights on every activity on your links and tailor your success strategy accordingly.

4. Have All Your Connections In One Place
We've got you covered. Never again struggle through the clutter when you get access to your entire network in one place.

TapOnn is an electronic business card that aims to make networking and digital business card sharing easier and more convenient. It is an NFC powered business card that can be used to easily share your details with others by simply tapping the card to their smartphone. The card acts as a virtual business card, allowing users to access and share their online business card with just one touch. It is a smart business card that simplifies the process of exchanging contact information and can be easily updated and edited online. With TapOnn, you no longer have to worry about misprinting or physical business cards getting over, as all of your contact information is stored electronically and can be accessed with a single tap.

An eco-friendly and sustainable method of networking is TapOnn, where your thousands of paper business cards are replaced with a single smart card or product by us.
Data indicates that 75 million trees are cut annually to make visiting cards.

If you have any queries, reach out to us at support@taponn.digital

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