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by Zakria Sajid

  • Tasbeeh
  • Tasbeeh
  • Tasbeeh

Digital Tasbeeh is a simple Tasbeeh counter application for android device.
It is a Real Digital Tasbeeh Counter which is a digital version of tasbeeh counters in form of an android app that helps muslims.
Tasbeeh Counter is a simple app which allows you to count any zikar of you wish. Can be used for Tasbeeh (prayer).
Tasbeeh Counter should be used for praying and making yourself closer to Allah SWT. As use like a Tasbeeh, this application helps you to count your zikir which is being thsTasbeeh Counter you dont have to stores the value even after exiting. Ideal to use as a Digital Tasbeeh Counter As an app.It is starting with that figure when the tasbeeh is exit or swithch off by mistake or battery shut down
Tap count button on the screen to start counting.

Press reset button to reset counter..


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