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Tattoo Name On My Photo

19 Oct 2017 App Of The Day

Tattoo Name On My Photo

by Bhima Apps

  • Tattoo Name On My Photo
  • Tattoo Name On My Photo
  • Tattoo Name On My Photo
  • Tattoo Name On My Photo
  • Tattoo Name On My Photo
  • Tattoo Name On My Photo
  • Tattoo Name On My Photo

Tattoo Name On My Photo is an amazing & artistic android app. With this app, you can easily try different type of tattoo designs on your body. Also you can write your name & your love name or any text you want in very stylish way. 

Getting Tattoos on body is becoming so popular in these days. Tattoo artists became celebrities & their art was suddenly the focus of mainstream media. A tattoo is a form of body modification where a design is made by inserting ink, dyes and pigments, either indelible or temporary.

With this amazing app Tattoo Design Maker, you will get awesome tattoo design on your body. It will apply tattoo on your photo & give realistic look. You can easily share your tattoo photo on social media & make yourself stylish & impressive.

Our Tattoo Maker App contains lots of artistic tattoo design (Tattoo for girl, Tattoo for boy, Tattoo for men & Tattoo for women). Remember one thing that applying tattoo design in real world is a not a game. They will stay on your body/skin forever so first you can check how tattoo design looks on your body with our application. This is a virtual tattoo design maker app & it will apply tattoo on your body without any pain.

How this Tattoo Name On My Photo App Works:
* Choose photo from gallery or you can take new pic from back camera & selfie camera.
* Select Tattoo Category & Tattoo style as per your choice.
* Place tattoo design on the best place on your body.
* You can easily move, rotate, flip, color change & edit the tattoo design.
* You can set the opacity & transparency of tattoo design.
* You can also decorate you tattoo designed photo with amazing things like beautiful sticker, magic brush & paint brush.
* Easily save & share your tattoo designed photo with friends and social media.

Here are some tools of Tattoo Name On My Photo App:

Tattoo Design : So many Tattoo Designs are available with this app. You can choose Tattoo Design from different type of Tattoo Categories (Art Tattoo Design, Tribal Tattoo Design, Religious Tattoo Design, Love Tattoo Design, Flower Tattoo Design, Dragon Tattoo Design, Butterfly Tattoo Design, Animal Tattoo Design & Anchor Tattoo Design)

Beautiful Stickers: So many beautiful stickers are available with Tattoo My Photo App. Feathers, Hearts, Smileys, Strokes, Flowers & many more.

Magic Brush : This magic brush draws sparkling textures and prints that looks great on any photo or text. This unique tool gives you creativity & freedom of creating an art that stands out. An artistic brush that never goes out of fashion to create text art. Select eraser to erase the magic brush painting.

Paint Brush : Paint brush is a very useful tool, draw your creativity & write any text with your own handwriting. You can select brush color & brush stroke size as well. Select eraser to erase the paint.

Our goal is to create a tattoo maker app that is so easy to use & help users have an enjoyable experience. So it would be great if you download & use our Tattoo Name On My Photo App and write a review based on your experience with it.

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